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The Omnigo fund brings together investors and cryptocurrency traders.

Send an email to info@omnigo.fund, we will let you know once we are finished constructing the optimal environment for you to invest in digital assets.

People Behind the Success

Here is an introduction, to the talent collaborating to build robust, reliable, and innovative investment strategies for your Crypto assets.

Günter Rapatz, Founder

Founded his first business at the age of 17 – with other business following. Raised seven figure sums from VC and government bodies in a transatlantic patented venture during the first phase of his entrepreneurial career. Started exploring cryptocurrencies and their effects in 2014.



Jaspal Singh Heir, COO

15 years in banking, as a VP for multinational leading banks, covering UHNW investment sales from London, Geneva and Singapore. Keen technologist, aided clients in navigating this fast moving sub asset class, which let to exposure to blockchain related technologies in 2014. CFA qualified.

Singh Heir


Philipp Bogensberger, CTO

Philipp is an early adopter in he Cryptocurrency Space, his main passions are programming and Austrian economics. Philipp loves to use the experience he gathered in over ten years of software development to create software for an unprecedented market.



Simon Brand, Software Developer

Full stack developer worked in developing systems to optimise the utilization of radiology modalities and improve patient care after the hospital. Studied real time behaviour of the linux kernel and cryptography techniques. Inventive and resourceful developer.


Software Developer

Veronica Marini, Relationship Manager

Our resident polyglot, fluent in four(and a half!) languages. With a corporate background in heading multinational teams, she combines her skills to pull together talent in a collaborative fashion. Educated in the art of international diplomacy and a hobbyist programmer, indulging in her passion for technology whenever possible.


Relationship Manager

we hire


We are looking for a professional trader, with minimum three years of experience in financial markets, who is able to apply their working knowledge to the growing Cryptocurrency market. The ideal candidate would be someone who has managed multiple trade strategies in previous jobs; is able to develop a hedging program, and has a deep understanding of the Cryptocurrency market structure.

We at Omnigo, with strong support from our team of software developers, are pioneers of the new industry of cryptocurrency hedge funds. We aim to create a perfect and modern fund infrastructure. In order to achieve this, we rely greatly on our traders' input; we need team players with excellent communication skills, who show a willingness to share their own knowledge to benefit the company.

We give you the opportunity to shape your own strategy and influence a new economy. You will have the full support of our development team; they will support you with custom data analysis, implement your strategies as algorithms and provide the infrastructure required to be ahead of the competition.

flexible location and time

We encourage and support everyone in our team to create the working environment that suits them best. It is important for us to work in a friendly, tolerant and humble environment. We pride ourselves in having very independent and responsible team members that allow us to work remotely, and enjoy highly flexible working hours.

we hire


We are looking for an engineer with a solid financial background and a vision of how to improve trading tools.

Previous work experience in data analysis, order routing, algorithmic trading, and/or risk management within the financial industry is required for the new challenge you seek. At Omnigo you will pioneer a new industry by thinking and building the trading tools of tomorrow. We offer you the possibility to realise your vision of the perfect hedge fund software stack.

We are aware that the people we work with have the biggest impact on the work environment and that mistakes need to be made in order to learn. That's why we think friendliness, tolerance and humbleness are must haves for all our team members.

flexible location and time

We are proud of being a complete remote team with highly flexible work times. We encourage and support everyone to create the perfect work environment for themselves. The great amount of freedom and support is appreciated likewise by young parents and world travelers. This is only possible because our team members like to take responsibility and have great communication skills, that's what we also expect from you.